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Outrageous Grooms Cakes

by Lisa Williams

Planning a wedding is a big deal – and a big undertaking. There are so many decisions to be made, from flowers and dresses to table settings and the band.

A more exciting decision is the food, and more specifically, the cake. Wedding cakes are a delicious tradition at every wedding, but more recently, grooms’ cakes have been getting some attention.

The grooms’ cakes are a popular tradition in the southeastern part of the United States, and it originated during the Victorian Era. The first groom’s cake was a very heavy and dense fruit cake. The tradition was to cut the cake into small slices, put them in individual boxes and give them to all the unmarried women in attendance at the wedding. That tradition has not survived but instead has evolved into what the appearance of the cake should be. The brides’ cakes are traditionally a lighter shade and the grooms’ cakes are usually darker. Grooms’ cakes have also been known to support the “theme” of the wedding, represent some of the grooms’ favorite things or play on a couple’s favorite memory together.

Wedding Cake And Grooms Cake Ideas Wedding Cakes 2021

Some of the more popular themes that couples have gone with are travel, movies, pop culture, animals, pets, food, recreational activities and items that mean the most to the couple. Bakeries across the country are getting more and more creative based on the couple’s desires. Couples now are looking for “statement cakes.”

The cake is a delicious focal point of the wedding and should be protected. Here are some tips to keeping your groom’s cake looking and tasting the best it can:

Choose a safe place to display it. High-traffic places make it a target for accidents, as do unstable tables and dance floors. Keep your cake safe in an out-of-the-way spot.
Discuss delivery options. If you’re having your cake delivered (which you should), make sure to mention bumpy or unpaved roads in the area. And schedule the cake to be there earlier than you need it. You never know what could go wrong, so early is better.
Avoid the heat. This is a given, but even if the cake is outside in the shade, it is still outside in the hot air. If the reception is held outside, store the cake inside until it’s ready to be cut and enjoyed.
A groom’s cake is a fun and personal touch to any wedding. It’s a chance to have a little fun and represent what means the most to the couple. Have fun with it.

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Wedding Cake And Grooms Cake Ideas Wedding Cakes 2021
Wedding Cake And Grooms Cake Ideas Wedding Cakes 2021

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