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Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

by Sharon Hammel

Impressive Ideas About Church Weddings Church Wedding Decoration Ideas 2021

A marriage ceremony held inside of a church is a very sacred event; for that reason, you really want to ensure that your church wedding decorations are tastefully elegant. You want your wedding to be remembered for the right reasons, not because the decor was inappropriate.

Some churches may also not want you to over-decorate their church. When deciding what church to have your wedding ceremony at, it’s important to ask them whether they allow wedding decorations in the church. Once the date of your wedding approaches gets in touch with them again and to let the church know of your decoration plans. By letting them know what you’re planning on doing ahead of time it will ensure you are both on the same page and there won’t be any hiccups on the big day.

While your wedding decorations should be true to who you are, they should also be respectful of the church’s ideology. Light colored decorations are generally best because they will not distract from the simple beauty of your place of worship. Candles create striking images while adding to the warm ambiance of a blessed wedding ceremony.

Flowers enhance the natural beauty of a church by heightening the sense of tranquility that flows throughout a building. The best flowers for wedding decorations are those which you can use fresh from the garden, lovelies like daisies, carnations, and tulips.

Many couples also favor orchids and lilies. Whatever flowers you choose for your wedding decorations, make sure they are displayed in subtle bowls and vases which do not distract from the church’s peaceful setting.

While the right flowers will definitely add style and grace to a church wedding, they are not your only decorating options. Ribbons and bows are frequently used as wedding decorations on the end of church pews. These embellishments are generally of a pale color and often match the shade of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Lastly, do not feel you cannot incorporate a theme into your wedding because the ceremony is taking place inside of a church. While flashy wedding decorations may stand in contrast with a religious setting, simple decorations will provide a nice reflection of you and your partner.

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Impressive Ideas About Church Weddings Church Wedding Decoration Ideas 2021
Impressive Ideas About Church Weddings Church Wedding Decoration Ideas 2021

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