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Add Your Personality To Your Wedding Invites

by Carey Jane

There are many aspects of a wedding to plan. Once you have set the date, one of the first things that you are likely to do is to start thinking about your wedding invitations. These not only announce your news and ensure that everybody who is important to you is there to share your special day, they are also the first opportunity to reflect your personality and to use any theme that you are planning for the day. There are numerous ways that you can add your personality to your wedding invites and here are some tips on how to do this.

Outstanding Ideas About Wedding Invitations 2021

DIY Invites

If you have a creative streak then one of the best ways to express your personality is to create handmade wedding invites. By choosing to do this you can design and make every aspect of your invitations, including paper color, fabrics, font, color scheme and graphics. You can let your creativity loose by using a number of different materials. Every element of the finished product will be a reflection of you and your future spouse.

Personalized Invites

For those who are not talented in the arts and crafts department, there is the option to use a stationary service that allows you to personalize your wedding invites in a variety of ways. Customers can usually choose word wording, borders, paper, images, and fonts. If you feel that this does not reflect your personality sufficiently, then once your invites are complete you can further personalize them by adding fragrance or inserting something extra into the envelope with the invite.

Use a Photograph

Designing a wedding invitation is a fantastic way to add your own personality to an invite. You don’t necessarily need a planned pose of you and your partner, it can simply be your favorite photograph of the two of you together. For example, do you have a favorite holiday snap or a photograph of you both taking part in a fun activity that you both enjoy? The more relaxed and natural the photograph is, the greater reflection it has on your personalities.


Planning a wedding is an exciting time and it is important that everything is just how you want it to be. One way to make your wedding original and is to add your personality to the invites. You can do this by making them yourself, having them personalized or using a favorite photograph.

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Outstanding Ideas About Wedding Invitations 2021
Outstanding Ideas About Wedding Invitations 2021

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